Mission-critical infrastructure

Powerfully simple

Many of the world’s biggest brands rely on Diji’s management dashboard to track and improve their online performance.

Holding the confidence of these significant businesses is no mean feat. We take our responsibility seriously, investing heavily in R&D to ensure our technology is, and continues to be, leading-edge, robust and secure.

Read on to learn about Diji’s infrastructure and why you can rely on it.


Part of Diji’s power is how it combines multiple data sources to deliver significant insights in a simple and highly dependable interface.

At the heart of this is the integration platform. This is how Diji connects to a growing list of critical data sources, from Google Analytics and that of Adobe, to AdWords, social networks, SEO, email and content marketing platforms.

This data layer provides the foundation on which Diji’s expanding capability modules are built.

Tell a better story

To deliver a truly unique and powerful dashboard, Diji invests its energy in the creative visualisation of big data. It’s about the succinct and compelling presentation of the data that really matters to you.

Our team of data analysts, developers and UI designers continue to explore new ideas to simplify and enhance Diji’s user experience.

Diji’s data visualisation engine powers storytelling, making your analytics come alive with insightful, actionable metrics direct from your growing universe of data.

Peace of mind

Diji’s enterprise-grade technology stack is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. This robust infrastructure guarantees speed of response, always-on reliability, and best-in-class security. For you, that means service confidence and 24/7 peace of mind.

What lies ahead

Developing smart, new ways of unleashing the power of data is the central focus at Diji HQ. It’s our mission to create ever more capable tools to help clients maintain a clear focus on their business.

From new contextual intelligence capabilities, to future forecasting, our clients continue to rely on Diji to keep them on course—and in control of— their online universe.