A new world awaits

Diji is the powerful business-booster for SMEs. For new start-ups and growing businesses, the ability to easily access and analyse key metrics can deliver an important strategic edge to managers and marketers.

Better business, clear and simple

Simply integrated to their existing data sources, Diji provides much needed clarity across their online analytics.

Within minutes, SMEs can benefit from a complete overview of their business; from social networks and SEO, to AdWord campaigns and eCommerce reporting.

Partnering with the best

For resellers, this obvious alignment between Diji and SMEs creates a compelling value-add service.

Diji’s ability to leverage enterprise level capabilities—in a simplified, easy-to-use dashboard—has universal appeal for today’s savvy business owner.

Smooth integration

Diji can seamlessly adapt and integrate with your platform to supercharge the offering to your client base. In doing so, your company benefits from the incremental revenue opportunity that is helping drive more rewarding partnership with existing and new customers.

Contact Diji today and we can explore the reseller partnership that is best equipped to handle your business.

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